Sustainable November 17, 2014

America is facing a food crisis driven by profitability and a lack of consumer education. While the window to transforming our heartland continues to shrink, passionate individuals have emerged who provide hope that the health of our nation might still remain within our grasp. Sustainable is a documentary film that weaves together expert analysis of America’s food system with a powerful narrative of one extraordinary farmer who is determined to create a sustainable future for his community. In a region dominated by…

I Am For Peace January 5, 2016

“I Am For Peace” is a 30-minute documentary that follows a group of high school students as they attempt to combat the violence on the south side of Chicago.

Different is the New Normal March 20, 2014

“Different Is the New Normal” tracks trials and triumphs of Ariel Small, a 17-year-old who has struggled with uncontrollable tics caused by Tourette Syndrome. With his permission, his mother Robin turned the camera on him to document their emotional journey to overcome the obstacles of Tourette’s in order to raise awareness about the disorder and help others living with the condition. Along the way, Ariel meets James Durbin, American Idol finalist, whose own battle with Tourette’s make him realize that…

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